We are incredibly thankful for your consideration to change the lives of those in financial distress. We are here to inform about the benefits of sponsoring Level up Prep's nonprofit basketball team. We are committed to keeping you informed year-round about games, schedules and overall achievements involving Level up. These donations will be directed towards young men and women who often rely on the support of sponsors so they can maximize their potential and provide a better future for themselves and their families. All donations will be directed towards:  

Branded merchandise, such as jerseys

Shuttle buses

Display computers

Audiovisual equipment

Badge holders


Educational programs

Award ceremonies

VIP rooms

Guest speakers

International lounges

Press rooms

Benefits of sponsoring

Build business relations

Sponsoring Level up can help your company make connections with non-competing businesses, giving you opportunities for collaboration in the future. Aside from having a strategy for engaging new customers, you should also prepare a plan to introduce yourself or your company to other sponsors and professionals in attendance.

Expand content strategy

Sponsoring can provide a great source of new material for a company's content strategy. By promoting your involvement with Level up, you can drive traffic from events and increase your engagement. A great way to do this is by creating content themes and hashtags. Additionally, you can connect with the host on social media and find new target audiences.

Aside from the content your company creates, you can also benefit from the exposure you gain from the social content of attendees. Most attendees share blogs, videos, quotes and photos during events, potentially exposing your brand to a much larger audience. Click the icon above to see Level up's audience of over 20k followers in counting.  

Foster a positive reputation

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of sponsoring Level up is that it can strengthen your personal & company's image. People typically enjoy supporting brands that invest in their community and spread positive messages. By sponsoring an important cause, you can attract media attention, set your company apart from larger brands and inspire brand loyalty. Determine what your target audience cares about, and choose causes that align with these values in some way.

Boost brand visibility

Level up has access to over 20k thousand followers on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok. Therefore sponsorships can increase recognition before, during and after the actual event by giving yourself exposure to new audiences. This often happens through mentions in the press or social media and event advertising, like radio spots, signs and featured ads. You can take advantage of this exposure by offering attendees free branded materials through promotional giveaways.

Interact with prospects

In-person interactions can help you develop a connection between your company and its target audience. Engage with prospective customers by providing demos or branded merchandise.

Help next generation 

Helping the youth is essential.  Hundreds of athletes demonstrate financial distress. Your contributions will make the difference. 

Thank you so much!