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 Pro Placement

   Want to maximize your value and start a professional career in Europe? Level Up Europe Basketball Academy is an excellent place to start. We are placing players in the best European leagues! The program is recommended for players who are looking to play professional basketball - with or without professional experience in Europe. To be eligible for tryouts in the big leagues, a player must attend the Pro Placement Program where he will gain expert references from respected and recognized coaches.

Program intake for the next group of future professional men is on August 16th, 2021.

   Duration: 1 | 2 months

1,800/ 3 weeks 

3,200/ 2 months


Academy Development Program

We can help you improve your skills! With 35 hours of an effective workout during the week, we guarantee you will develop a great routine. This program offers you a combination of expert basketball instructions and a lot of hours spent on the court. We do not accept average performance, and we always push players to give their best. With more than 35 hours of practice per week, we tend to find extra time for players who need special attention. The program intake for the next group of players is on August 16th, 2021.

Duration: 2 weeks| 6 weeks | 9 weeks



4,500/ 3 weeks

9,000/ 6 weeks

12,500/ 9 weeks

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This program is recommended for players who are looking to play basketball in the USA and who are seeking an athletic scholarship. Reach athletic and academic standards after high school graduation for receiving a USA scholarship and spend 4 amazing years in the United States playing basketball.

Duration: 6 | 9 months



9,500/ 6 months 

13,387/ 9 months


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